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Online Enrollment Capabilities

EasyAppsOnline facilitates the process of insurance enrollment.

•One generic form will pre-populate multiple health insurance carrier applications including medical, dental, vision, STD, LTD, FSA and life.

•Information is archived for the user so next year’s enrollment is even easier – it’s a simple matter of reviewing the data and making updates as needed.

•Electronic signature provides a paperless pre-screening and enrollment process.

•Quick census upload link for us to pre-populate employee applications.

•Client HR portal provides Enrollment and Exception Reports to track enrollment progress of

employees and the ability to complete the Employer Application online.


Employee Medical Portal – employees can login and print a Prescription/Dosage Report or a Full Family Medical History. They can also print a card to give their Family Health Care Provider direct access to this information online.

New Hire Mode – system will allow HR to enter basic information about the new employee creating temporary sign-in credentials. The new employee signs in to update their password information. They will then enroll and the system will automatically send an e-mail to us that notifies us that there is a new hire application waiting. When Spartan Advisor Group signs in we can send the new hire application to the carrier(s).

Final Plan Selection – you can offer a choice of health plans to your employees. The Final Plan Selection allows a business with multiple group locations and employees at various pay levels to easily track and deliver the applicable benefit plans. Plan Summaries are available for the employees to make final decisions. Plan selection reports can be created to send to payroll departments and to carriers.

Fees may apply

                                                                                                Login to enrollment

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