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BASIC BenXpress

Flexible Performance – More than you expect!

Historically and currently, most online benefit enrollment and management tools are rather rigid. Requests for changes to improve both function and convenience are costly. Fees to complete an Electronic Data Interface (EDI) with carriers often apply.

Why so flexible? The architecture of BenXpress was deliberately designed and built with flexibility as a first priority. Each employer is different, we value accommodation.

What does flexibility mean to you?

1.BenXpress is molded to your enrollment and communication needs and not the other way around
2.BenXpress can keep up with a group’s evolving needs – we change with you.
3.Flexibility means a lower learning curve and a lower learning curve enhances your productivity and reduces your labor costs.

Some specifics:

•Designed and built by benefit savvy programmers with 30 years experience building and developing benefit administration and enrollment software.
•No EDI fees
•Business Hour Call Center
•Group Specific Training
•High priority to meet your evolving needs as a highly flexible and customizable system
•Powerful reporting options – self service and automatic


Unlimited and customizable data fields for maximum application

Fees apply, please speak with Richard Bostrom for more information

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